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Котов Виталий Юрьевич
Доктор химических наук
Избранные публикации: 
  1. Unexpected "amphoteric" character of the halogen bond: the charge density study of the co-crystal of N-methylpyrazine iodide with I-2 Nelyubina, Yu.V.; Antipin, M.Yu.; Dunin, D.S.; Kotov V. Yu.; Lyssenko K.A. CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 2010, 46, 29, 5325-5327
  2. Vertical ionization energies and electron affinities of ions in solution from outer-sphere charge transfer transition energies Gorelsky, S.I; Kotov, V.Yu; Lever, A.B.P. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 1998, 37, 18, 4584-4588
  3. Proton mobility in hydrates of inorganic acids and acid salts Yaroslavtsev, A.B.; Kotov, V.Y. RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN 2002, 51, 4, 555-568